Sunday, July 3, 2011

P2V of the Black Bat Squadron

Originally conceived as a maritime patrol bomber B-69 Neptune, the RB-69A, evolved into an electronic reconnaissance plane. The Republic of China Air Force acquired this aircraft via the US Navy Communication Center stationed in Taiwan, thus it followed the USN designation P2V-7U. The first 2 Naptunes entered service with the 34th Black Cat Squadron in January 1958.

With the strengthened air defense of the Red China, the 34th's P2V-7Us suffered continuous losses. Nov 6, 1961 the Neptune was first shot down over Shandong peninsula, all 13 crewmen killed. Before the last P2V knocked out on June 11, 1964, these electronic recons collected much valuable information of the military deployment in the heart of mainland. But the casualties were great with all 4 P2Vs lost in action. In 1958-1967 this clandestine operation unit had overflown the Red China, in order to probe her electronic warfare capability and military deployment for the US. In return, the US provided military aids and diplomatic recognition to Taiwan.

This series portrays the 34th's low altitude recons Boeing RB-17 Flying Fortress, Lockheed P2V Neptune, P3 Orion, their predators MiG-17(殲5) and MiG-17PF, as well as text outling each craft's flight note.

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